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Walla Walla University Committee of 500

Committee of 500 Projects

1. Ziegler Property
(Old Williams Lumber Co on SE 3rd St
2. Rock shop
(College sold later for $50,000)
3. Oregon rock quarry20,000
4. New Bluebird Bus37,519
5. Industrial technology building
(Qualified for Kresge Foundation matching grant)
6. Industrial technology equipment1,000
7. Hoffman property23,440
8. Greet property9,000
9. Collins property32,537
10. Graham property10,000
11. McRae property30,000
12. Repairs to old College Store building1,000
13. Havstad Alumni Center27,100*
14. Webster lot15,000
15. Handicap access
To various places on campus
16. Pastor orientation4,500
17. Alumni endowment fund8,110
18. WWC annual Fund2,200
19. KGTS10,000
20. Student Aid81,375
21. Memorials500
22. Mathematics Fund500
23. P.W. Christian history fund500
24. Acoustic and P.A. system – gym55,000
25. Tour Bus86,000
26. Laser-cat System for library16,000
27. 24-unit Birch Street student apartment complex100,000
28. Remodel of bindery building into the new College Store175,000
29. Property on E. Whitman20,000
30. Entrance/parking on 4th and College Avenue
(Two gifts over time)
31. Materials for 3 cabins at Rosario Marine Biology Station70,000
32. Materials and endowment for 2 large cabins at Rosario95,000
33. HVAC system for Bowers Hall80,000
34. Property at 4th and College Avenue - Old City Hall and Fire Station40,000
35. Chan Shun Pavilion Roof enclosure for the elevator and stairway65,000
36. Presidential Suite & Sweet Onion Room with Patio in new Walla Walla University Ad Building
Qualified for 50% matching grant ~ pledged over 3 years)
37. Plaza and Landscaping surrounding the "Jesus Among Us" Sculpture150,000
38.  Steps from Sittner to library to cafeteria. 180,000
TOTAL $2,095,549

Early on, the Committee concentrated on buying adjacent properties to round out the campus and provide for expansion. More recently, the Committee has been responding to University requests for help with various projects. The Committee does not necessarily give a gift to the University every year.

* Indicates funds given directly to the project by members of the Committee.

Last up-dated August 2016